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Easier 409A Valuations

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Are 409A valuations the superpower you didn't know about?

A 409A is a necessary fair market valuation (FMV) of a company's common stock, crucial for compliance, particularly in the USA.

Most founders don't realize it's superpower: it provides founders with valuable guidance on setting stock option strike prices for employees, ensuring financial protection during exits.

Traditionally, these valuations have been costly, tedious, and time-consuming. At, we leverage technology to streamline the process, delivering accurate valuations quickly and at ultra-competitive rates!
How 409.AI works

Start using in 3 simple steps

Our direct integrations and our AI-driven analysis makes the process quick and painless.
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Onboarding Form
Complete a quick set of questions, upload select documents, and connect your accounting software in a few minutes.
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Draft Report
You have the opportunity to review and discuss a draft report to understand your valuation and ask questions.
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Full Report
To generate the IRS defensible 409A valuation report, it needs to be reviewed for accuracy by one of our Valuation Experts. Within 48 hours you will be emailed your full report!
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report generation softwares
carta capitalization table management 409.aixero cloud based accounting 409.aifreshbooks web based accounting 409.aioracle netsuite integration 409.aisage erp integrated management 409.aipulley track equity advice 409.aiwave money management tools 409.aiquickbooks accounting software package

Save hours of work with integrations

Our onboarding connects with the softwares your business already uses saving you hours of report generation time.

Hear it from our customers

It was a breeze
"Working with 409.AI was a breeze. It was easy to connect our data sources, and 409.AI quickly produced a report that was computer-accurate yet thoughtfully evaluated by an experienced analyzer. I would choose this process over past firms I've worked with again and again."
Porter bayne
CEO at World Spice
Feeling confident
"Things move quickly for start-ups at all stages. For us as an early stage company, we needed a trustworthy 409A so we could start hiring top talent. The team at 409.AI walked me through the process, educated me on the approaches, and got us what we needed to finalize our option plan, start hiring, and feel confident in our governance."
CEO at Metronome
Highly recommend
Working with was an amazing experience. As a small private company, their support and services really went a long way in helping simplify this process for us. Highly recommend to other potential founders in need of getting similar services done!
CEO at Requity Homes
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